Yesterday, I went to the road in front of Japanese Diet Building hall to attend the demonstration against the new law.
This is the fourth time in this year and in my life.

The Liberal Democratic party (LDP), the Japanese ruling party issued a law to change the Japanese national security policy.

In Japanese constitution article 9, it is said that Japan had abandoned the power to make war forever.
Japanese Diet members cannot issue the law to allow to fight against the other country.

On the other hand, Japan had self defense force (SDF).
Some people says it violates the constitution, but the other people says, the army had been created to defense the country, not to make war.

But in this year, the LDP led by Mr. Shinzo Abe, the current Japanese prime minister issued the new ANPO (national security) law.

According the law, SDF can attack the other nation, even in the region which is quite far from Japan, even if the attacked nation would not be attacking Japan.
It is said that if the country X is attacking the Japan's allied country (i.e. USA), then Japan can attack the country X.

Abe says it is "collective security", and it is a kind of self defense, so the new law would not violate the constitution article 9.
Or Abe says it is "the aggressive peacism".

The new law is quite controversial and the many people including me oppose the law.
So the people are making demonstration in front of the Diet Building and the other area.

During the session to debate about the new law, both party (ruling LDP and opposition Democratic Party) called the scholars studying the constitution.
It was interesting that EVERY scholars said that the new law would violate the constitution so making it is illegal.
The right winger scholar who had been called by LDP also stated that if you want Japan to make war, then you should revise the constitution first.
The Diet members mustn't violate the constitution, or it would be anomie.
(Note that the description above is my understanding.)

Komeito, the smaller party supports LDP as the ruling party.
The party is supported by the Buddhism based religional group "Souka Gakkai" or SGI.
Komeito said that they are "the party supports peace and welfare".
However, Komeito supported LDP to make the new law.
So some members of SGI attended the demonstration against the law and Komeito.

Why do Abe and LDP want to make the new law?

Some people say that in Asia the threat is growing (by China and North Korea, maybe).
But I think it is the funny speech.
But we can fight to remove the threat with only the old law (isolated security).

Some people say that the real reason is to serve USA.
Mr. Obama, the president stated that USA is no more the police in the world and each countries should protect themselves by themselves.
USA wants to reduce the cost (money and life) for the world's security.

Abe made speech in the Congress of USA in July that he would set the new security law in the upcoming summer.
It is quite funny that the prime minister promised the people in USA earlier than the debate in his own country.

USA had many bases in Japan, especially in Okinawa, the beautiful southern islands.
50 years ago, the prime minister Mr. Shinsuke Kishi set the law to allow USA to make bases in Japan.
Abe is a grandson of Kishi.

The demonstration had been growing bigger and bigger.
As the most, over 130,000 people attended the demo and shouted "No more war" and "No more Abe".
Not only the left wingers, but also the common people including the young people who was not interested in politics attended the war.

However, the new law was approved by majority.

No, I'm not sure that the law was approved formally.
The diet had been in horrible confusion, everyone shouted something, I don't know what had been going on.
I only know that the LDP people stood up, and they applauded, and the TV person said "the law had been set maybe".
Before today's session, the members of opposition parties tried filibuster.
Some members made the question for ours, and some members blocked the doorway to the hall to prevent the chairperson to let in.

I want you in the world to know that Japanese politicians had changed or trying to change the policy that it can make war.
But I hope we would not make war.
I want you to know that many people including me is against the decision and we would keep on resisting.