The other day, in Paris, some terrorists attacked a cartoon paper company and murdered many editors and artists.
It was so bad news.

The news reported that the terrorists were radical Muslim and they murdered the cartoon artists because the artist draw the caricature of the Prophet in rude way.
Three murderers were shot by French police but one conspirator is still running away.
So many people in Paris including the political leaders in many countries went on a demonstration to fight the terrorism and to support the freedom of speech.
They shew the flag "I am Charlie".
Charlie is a part of the name of the paper.

I am not Muslim, I love the freedom of speech, and I am against violence, but I feel uneasy that so many people shouted they were "Charlie".

Good News Charlie Brown Statuette
I saw some cartoons of the papers attacking the Prophet but I didn't like them.
The cartoons seems to me to be tasteless, and they didn't respect the other people's belief for a bit.
Of course, the freedom of speech should be preserved.
On the other hand, there hate speech should be banned.
Were those cartoons hate speech or non-hate speech?
I don't know so well.
Anyway, I think that anybody should not draw the cartoons with the face of some holy person uglily when you know anyone else respect it.
You can say that it is the violation of the freedom of religion.

Some years ago, on a soccer game, Japanese national team defeated French national team luckily.
So I heard that the French news shew the picture of the keeper, Kawashima.
The picture was retouched that he got four arms.
And the comedian in the show said "He is the great keeper with four arms. Maybe the radiation from Fukushima changed his body."
Was his comment so humorous?
Well, I don't know.
I could not laugh but I felt sad instead.

The Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs protested about the TV show.
The French Ministry of foreign affairs apologized to Japan.
I sincerely thanked the French Ministry that he apologized to ease the Japanese people's heart.

Note that I don't want to say "The cartoon artist should be killed because their works were hate-speech."
As you know, there are two isolated problems.
The murder was definitely wrong so it must be punished.
But the hate speech is wrong so it must be criticized.
I think there is some room of discussion weather the cartoon was hate speech or not.
And the publisher who can print the paper so many should consider that anyone cannot understand the sense of humor.
I'm wonder the slogan "I am Charlie" mixes the two problems.
I think I should say "I am not Charlie, but the terrorism is definitely wrong. They should fight with speech."
And I think, the hates incubate hates and loves incubate loves, so I think we should struggle to love someone who hates you.

Anyway, I pray for the repose of Charlies' souls...