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These years, a man is booming in the Japanese TV shows.
His name is Akira Igegami.

Ikegami rececourse 1907-1910
He had been an ex-reporter of NHK, the Japanese public TV company (so called "BBC in Japan").
He was in the Social Division ("Shakai-bu").
In Japanese TV station or newspaper companies, the reporters are divided in five or more divisions.
The Politic Division reports about politics.
The International Division reports about the topic in other countries and the diplomacy.
The Economic Division reports about the economics, stocks, etc.
The Culture Division reports about arts, literature, sports, etc.
And the Social Division reports about the cases, crimes, incidents and so on.
Mr. Ikegami is from Social Division.

In NHK, he had been a host of a great TV show, "Weekly Children's News ("Shuukan Kodomo News").
It was the news show for the children, and Mr. Ikegami reports the cases in very easy words with the warm humor.
The program was booming not only among children, but also adults.
He seemed to be really nice guy with the gentle manners.
So everyone liked the show much better than the other harsh, noisy shows.

He retired NHK and became the independent politic commentator.
He held the shows in the commercial (non-NHK) TV stations.
So he has been booming for these 10 or more years.

His shows are really similar.
He is the host and the other people are actors, actresses, singers, comedians, and so on.
He is the teacher and the other people are students.

He always speaks "You might have heard about xxx, and you might wonder what they are. OK, I would tell the truth, they are xxx".
And the guests says "Oh, I see!", "Oh, my god!", "Now I know what they are!" or something like that.

He teaches about the politics in Japan, the other countries, economics, war, peace and so on.
He seems to be really liberal and he sometimes criticizes the current administration.

Many people are saying that he is quite funny in the live show at the election day.
He interviews won/lost candidates live, and asks them the quite delicate questions that the announcer cannot ask.
"We heard that your supporters are religious people, right? Do you pray to the same God?" etc.
In the latest interview, he asked to Mr. Shinzo Abe who is the prime minister in Japan as follows.
"The Japanese Liberal Democratic Party won the election. As the leader of LDP, you said you want to revise the constitution. Will you do it soon?"

Many people are thinking that they can be smart if they watch his show.
But I don't really think so.
He is always a teacher, so if we keep on watching his show, we would be the students forever.
I think he is a good guy, but we got to graduate his school someday.

Some people thinks he is like Micheal Sandel, who is a philosopher teaching at the Harvard University.
But I think Mr. Sandel and Mr. Ikegami are quite different.
Mr. Sandel always asks to his students and have them speak in their own ways.
Mr. Ikegami always tell something to his students and have them listen to his words.
So their directions are opposite.

I respect Mr. Ikegami and I think his show and speech is good for the current Japan.
But I don't think he is the perfect, and we need anybody who asks and have us thinking in our own way.