My room was quite dirty.
Maybe it caught some psycheatric problem (deppression etc.).
I could not discard any things that I didn't need (broken PC, torn clothes etc.) or even garbage.
My room was full of dust, and I got sick, then I felt deppressed, and I could not clean my room.
It was for many years.

This was quite bad experience.
I suggest you, if you don't feel well, clean up your room.
If you cannot do it like I used to, I would suggest you how you can do it.


Ask a professional

Maybe you can find any person who can help you with net.
Such people have many experience to help the people like me.

He came to my house and take the following steps:
1) pick up anything in the room
2) ask me I need it or not
3) if it is not necessary, put it in the garbage bag, or else, keep it.
4) go back to 1)
He and I took about 3 hours, and then the house was quite clear.

You might think that I could do it by myself.
Yes, I can, but somehow, I couldn't.
I tried to do it by myself for many times but I failed.
When I tried it by myself, I found any manga book that I forgot for many years, then I started to read it, and waste my time.
So I needed someone who just observed me not to loaf the job.

You might think that you feel ashamed to show your dirty room to any other people.
But you don't need to feel ashamed.
If he was your friend, your co-league, or your family, then you would feel ashamed because you would see them again.
If he was amature, then you would feel ashamed.
But he is a stranger and professional.
He has many experience to see many people's dirty rooms.
So he doesn't feel anything.
He just do his job.

Then my room had been amazingly clean.
The 50% of things were garbage so I asked him to discard.
The 20% of things were the things I didn't need so I sold it to the second hand store.
The 10% of things were the things I did need so I kept it.

Keep the mysterious things in a box

The 10% of things were mysterious --- I didn't know whether I needed it or not.
Then the professional cleaning man suggested me.
"I would give you a card board box.
Keep the mysterious things in it, and seal it.
Then you write down the today's date on it.
And after one year from the date you had written, then you would find that you didn't need anything in it for a year.
Then you can throw them away without checking it."
I liked his idea and took it.
After one year, I discarded the box.

Digital is your friend

To clean your room is quite easy if you ask a professional man.
But to keep it clean is much harder.
I had to ask him again and again, in avarage, 4 times a year.
His fee is not cheap, so I thought I should keep my house clean by myself as much as I can.
So I surrendered to keep CD, DVD, paper books in my room.
Instead, I bought music via iTunes and Amazon, books via Kindle and Kobo, and I watched video via hulu.
I loved to have those things, so it was sad to say goodbye to them, but it was the sacrifices I had to make.
I am the man who cannot make my room so clean so well, so I surrender to have the physical media.
It was my decision.
But I was lucky that I was born in the digital age.
I can listen to music, read books, and watch video in my PC and iPhones, so I can enjoy quite much keeping the room clean.

Throw away one thing a day

But for many years, my room was getting dirty, so slow, so slightly.
Then I started another habit.
I added one action item in my reminder "throw away anything".
If I have two pens in the desk, one pen is enough, then I throw away one pen.
If I have any paper about the meeting I had last year, then I scan it in evernote, then I throw away the paper.
This habit is harmless, and I start my day with cleaning the room slightly.
Then the room would not be dirty --- I keep to be conscious for cleaning room.

Invite your friends once in a month

I play marjong game once in a month with three friends for many years.
The marjong party was held in someone else's room.
But I asked them to have it in my room.
This is the ultimate strategy to keep the room clean.

I feel happy to live in the clean room.
If you have a problem like me, I recommend you strongly to follow my steps.