Do you want to lose weight?

I am 180cm tall.
I have been 63kg in weight since 18 years old until 25 years old.
But many years had been passed, and somehow, for some reason, don't ask me why, I got over 92kg in weight.
Moreover, I cautht diabetes, knee aches, and some other adult diseses.

I didn't care whether I am slim or fat because my value is not beauty.
But my doctor suggests me again and again "lose your weight as quickly as you can, so you would be healtier and feeling very good".

I tried to lose weight, but it was quite hard.
I love eating, and being still at my room watching video, manga, and internet.
I don't want to move.
So despite my doctor's suggestion, I got fatter and fatter every day.

I am diet maniac so I tried to lose weight again and again.
In other words, I failed to do it again and again.
I collected many diet goods, book, etc.

Now my diet is rather going good.
I am 84.5kg in weight.
It is the best score in this 10 years.

Today, I want you to recommend the best diet good that I ever had.

The name is Withings' WiFi body scale.

It looks like common body scale.
The way to use it is the same as other body scales.
You would step on it, and see the numbers in LCD, and then you would know how heavy you are.

But there is a difference.
Your weight would be transfer to the internet via WiFi.
(So you got do use it with WiFi reachable environment.)

So your weight would be on the net, so you don't have to write down the numbers.
They would be recorded automatically.
The system would draw the beautiful graph.
So you can see how good (or how bad) your diet is going.
You can see the numbers and graph not only from your home PC but also your office PC and mobile.

If you are shy, you might worry that your weight would broadcast all over the world.
But don't worry, you can keep the record private so only you can see the graph.

And if you are NOT shy, you can share the record via Facebook and Twitter.
If your friends (or any other people) would be curious how fat you are.
So you would be nervous about it then you would get thin!

I recommend Withing WiFi body scale.
Check it out.