Today, I would translate the Japanese article that I have written yesterday.
So if you have already read Japanese version, you don't have to read it again :-D

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In Shouwa era, about 30 years ago, I was in the first company that I was working for.
And I had a mean boss.
At 4PM, he asked me rather big task that I could not finish it in about one hour.
So I had to work for some extra time.
For today, in Japan, it is the hot topic to protect the worker's rights.
So you can decline such requests so quickly.
But in 30 years ago, in Japan, the worker have less rights, and such mean bosses were quite common.

One day, about 4PM, the boss asked me to solve rather difficult problem.
But I wanted to leave office on time quite eagerly.
Because I have an appointment of a date in the evening.
In the afternoon of the same day, I had offered the appointment via phone from office.
And I thought the boss had heard the call.
And he asked me a task to interrupt my date for his fun.
In front of other workers, loudly, he was saying "You are so smart that you can solve it quickly so I'm asking..." etc.

Quickly, somehow, I said back to him, loudly too, "I cannot work late today... because I have an appointment of test at hospital".
The boss said "Oh, really? ... too bad, take care of yourself!"
I knew he got to say it.
I knew his request was not so urgent.
Anyway, I pretended as a ill man and I left the office on time.

And I had a date, but somehow, I noticed that I was not enjoying the date.
The lady who I asked for a date worked for the company that is near from mine, so I had a plan to go to the nice and new restaurant near the offices.
But then I didn't like to go there.
Because I didn't want the boss to see us dating.
I didn't want the other people in the office to see us too.
Then we got to move to the big town and go to the famous restaurant.
The shop was so crowded, and we could not talk much, so we went home separately at that night.

This annoying story was not finished in the day.
The other day, the boss asked me and some other people to visit a client.
On the way to go there, the boss asked me "How was the inspection?", "Which hospital are you going to?", "Are you feeling good now?" etc.
The mean boss in the Shouwa era!
I felt that I should have rather taken his request and did the extra work.

But in this story, the worst man, was me.
When I got the boss' request, I got to answer back quickly, "No, I cannot take your request because I got an appointment of a date!"
For now, in such situation, I would do it.
I don't have to tell a lie and create a fictitious hospital... it would make me suffer.
If you tell a lie, you would be have to tell another and another lies, and it would make you suffer.

Who is the successful person?
The rich one?
The long life man?
Both are correct.
But I want to define it as:
* The person who doesn't tell a lie
* The person who doesn't have to tell a lie

If you tell a lie, you got to remember the lie you had told and who you had told to.
And then you got to tell other lies that is consistent to the original lie.
That is quite annoying.
The waste of your inteligence.
Your karma would be increced, and the quality of life would be smaller and smaller.
You cannot enjoy yourself.

Then you should say the truth even if the other people don't like it.
To be too honest is bad to, but it is much better than to be dishonest.

Well, this is the therory I got, but it is rather hard to put it into practice.
When I got late to the appointment, quickly, somehow, I tell a some lie like "sorry, the train was getting late..." etc.
You can check the train was really getting late, and it is unfair to make a false charge against the train company.
I know it is wrong, but somehow I do it again, then I would regret it.
But I think to regret is better than not to regret.
I hope I can decrease my lies and someday I would be the perfect lie-free-man :-D