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On July first, Japanese cabinet approved the right of collective self-defense.

The article 9 of Japanese constitution forbids to break the war.
So Japan cannot invade the other country anymore.

The current Japanese constitution was set just after the world war II under the direction of United States.
So the Constitution is called as the "new constitution".

The "old" (prior) constitution was set just after Meiji Restoration.
The Constitution stated that Tenno was the head of the State and he conducted all the forces.

But in the "new" Constitution, the people have the sovereign authority and the Tenno is the "symbol" of the State.
And Japan abandoned all the forces.

But after some years, the administration of Japan set "self defense force" (JSDF).
But the Article 9 was not revised.
JSDF is created to DEFENSE Japan, not to break the war.

So the law forbid that JSDF cannot act out of Japan.

But for some years later, Japanese administration sent the ship of JSDF to Antarctica.
They said it is not against the law, because it is just for scientific research.

And some years later, JSDF participated UN's PKO (peace keeping operation).

And finally, Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan decided to approve the right of collective self-defense.

What is the collective self-defense?
The news said that, if the nation A attacked the nation B, and the nation B is the good friend of Japan, then Japan can attack A.
The politicians who agree the idea says that is it NOT against the constitution article 9.
Because it is the self-defense.

A few years ago, Mr. Abe said that he will REVISE the constitution, to approve to break the war.
But somehow he couldn't.
So he decided that he CAN approve the right of collective self-defense without revising the constitution...
He just had to re-interpret it.

What do you think?

I don't know so well, but I think the politicians love to play with words.

What is self-defense force?
Is it different from army?

What is the collective self-defense?
Is it different from breaking war?

I don't know.
I'm afraid that they can do anything because they can interpret the law as much as they want and Japan will be in Anomie.