The news reported that a psychological doctor had run an experiment against the Facebook users without consent.

Facebook Under Fire for ‘Creepy’ Psychological Study

The doctor wanted to know that if you see fewer articles with the positive words, then you post fewer articles with the positive words too.
Then he and Facebook reduced such articles from some (about 700,000) users and investigate what would happen.
Then he got the knowledge that the target users posted fewer happy articles.
So he had concluded that "the feeling influences".

If the doctor decided YOU as the target, then Facebook would reduce the happy post from the friends.
If one of your friend went on a hiking, then s/he would write a happy article with the beautiful pictures and the positive words.
So the article MAY NOT be forward to your timeline.
It MAY be forward to your timeline as usuall.
It depends upon opportunity.
(If you access your friend's timeline explicitly, then you could see the article still.)

So the happy words from your friends would decrease from your timeline...
Then you would feel unhappy, then you post the unhappy articles rather more than happy articles, the study reported.

The doctor and Facebook did not ask you for consent.
I understand what they thought.
If they asked you previously, then you previously know what would happen and why.
So the study would be failed.

What do you think?

I had very negative feeling against the doctor and Facebook.
I believe that Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and other internet services send our message to other people without any interception.
I believe that only I can controll who would receive my words.
This should be the fundumental functionality of information technology.

But for Facebook, it wasn't.
Some scientist may intercept my words due to the Psychological study.
So the doctor and Facebook thinks that the users are Guinea Pigs.
But we are not.
We are human.

The doctor and Facebook stated that "We wanted to know whether you feel jealous or not if your friends post so many happy words."
I understand what they say.
If some of my friend always post the BBQ pictures every sunday, then I would feel jealous.
But the jealousy is MY problem.
I would make effort to reduce the problem.
I might ask him or her to invite me for the BBQ, or I would invite other friends, or I would find the other way to keep composure.
I don't want Facebook to care me.

Is happiness so good?
Is sadness so bad?
I don't know.

If I feel so sad, I would love my happiness because it is mine.
I don't want anybody else to control my feeling because it's my life.
If Goethe didn't feel sadness, he could not write his great litelature.
That is very sad thing for human being.

I think that it is happy thing for the doctor and Facebook that he had another feasible study --- "If you think internet users are Guinea Pigs for you, the users would be very angry".