I want a new smart watch and I am wondering which model should I buy.

Wrist watch cell
The Smart Watch is a kind of watches which is intelligent, programmable, and multi-purpose.
The relationship between the watch and the smart-watch is similar to the one between the phone and the smart phone.

It can be connected to your smart phone via wave like Bluetooth or WiFi.
So the smart phone can notify the mail is coming, the reply to your Twitter is coming, etc.
You can control your music player from your wrist, without taking out the music player out of the bag.
Some model can access the net, check out your todo list, schedule, etc.

For me, the most attractive functionality is that you can change the watch face.
If you are using the usual digital watch, you cannot customize how the time is displayed on your wrist.
Usually, it is very simple and straightforward like:
For me, it is very stressful because the stranger who sit down beside me on the train would peep my watch to know what time is it now.
It is my watch and it's not his.
But for the smart-phone, you can hardly know the time if the owner of the watch customize the watchface like
Actually, the smart-watch is the small computer so you can customize the face anyway you want.

Anyway, the stranger beside you would find the watch is weird AFTER when he/she peep the watch.
So it is no use even if you change the watch face to prevent anyone to peep your wrist.
But I feel good if the peeper cannot find the time from my own watch.
(What a clock-watcher I AM!)

The most popular model of small watch might be Pebble.

It is really good because the electronic ink technology is used.
The time is always shown, so you don't need to push button to display the time.
And the battery life is much longer than the other models.

The week point is that it can only show the Latin letters.
For now, you cannot display the Asian characters on it even if you write the program.

The reason why I like Pebble is that the logo is not written on the bezel.
I don't like the high-class version of the model, the Pebble steel because the logo Pebble is printed big on the bezel.

It might detract you and I don't want be detracted.

The reason why I like iPhone much better than the other smart phone is similar.

Apple don't print any logo or Apple mark on the fore side of the phone and I like the design.

I hope the Apple designers have the similar taste like me.
The prior Macbooks have the logo on the bezel.

But for the newest version of Macbook Pro Retina, it is removed.

The reason why I bought the Macbook Pro Retina is that.

So for me, for now, the cheaper version of Pebble is the best choice, but it is not the best one because it cannot show the Asian characters...
But I feel I should wait for the iWatch, the rumored smart phone that Apple would release.