One day in last autumn, Mr. Tamori, who is one of the big TV show entertainer in Japan, said he didn't use soap when he is bathing on TV.
Even he is over 65 years old, he looks very young and his skin is really clear.

The other day, Mr. Masaharu Fukuyama, one of the best looking rock'n'roll singer in Japan, said he followed Mr. Tamori's no soap bathing method.
He said he had trouble with his very dried skin, but when he stopped using soap, he felt very good because his skin got moist.

I felt bad with my dried and itched skin too, especially in autumn and winter.
So I tried to follow their method to bathe without soap.

I impounded hot water full in the bathtub, and got in for over 10 minutes.
Then I rubbed my skin gently, so the grime was removed.
I washed my hair without shampoo, too.
I felt no problem.

Then my skin got moist and I felt no itch anymore.
I don't have to buy soap and shampoo anymore, so I can save money and time to shop.

One problem is that the bathtub would be grimy.
So you got to wash it with some kind of soap anyway :-D

I'm enjoying my soapless life for now.
If you have problem with dried skin and itch, I recommend you to try.

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