Today, I discuss about the intersting unsolved crime in Japan.
In the summer of 2012, more than thirteen blackmail e-mails (let's say "blackemails") had been sent to the various places.

Kalteysen St. Barbara Altarpiece (detail)
One destination address was an elementary school.
The e-mail said that "I would kill some children".
So the teachers and parents were threatened and they guarded commuting children.

Another destination address was an airline company.
The e-mail said that "I would bomb the plane".
So the company decided to stop to fly one plane.

Another destination address was a shrine.
The e-mail said that "I would bomb the main shrine".
And so on.

This was a serious crime.
Even if the criminals could not do such big crimes acturelly, the mails had really threatened many people and the many business had been lost.

The local police had arrestted the four suspects.
But none of them were guilty.

The police had thought the four people were guilty because the blackemails had been sent from their PCs.
The police had detected the PCs from the IP addresses --- the unique numbers assigned to the PCs that are connected to the internet.

But the police was wrong.
The PCs of the suspects were all infected the Trojan horse.
Trojan horse is a category of malwares.
The malware is the bad computer program that is installed unexpectedly from the internet.
Trojan horse is the malware that can hijack your PC and control it.
So the maker of the Trojan horse can obtain data from your PC, and/or send some unwanted emails from your PC.

The police could not detect the Trojan horses (because the real criminal had deleted from their PCs?) and imponded the suspects in the detention center.

This is the biggest problem of the case.
The Japanese police can impond the suspects as long as they want.
So the suspects lose the freedom even if they were not guilty.
Some of the suspects confessed that they DID the crime, even if they did not.
So the Japanese police can make false accusation.
I'm so proud being Japanese because Japan is quite great country.
But I'm ashamed that the Japanese police and justiciary is still in medieval.

One day, the email was sent to the police / newspaper from the e-mail address that is the same as the blackemails.
The mail said that "the four people are not the real culprit".
So the four suspects had been released.
The police learned that the real culprit was not the person who sent the blackemails, but the person who made the Trojan horse and put it in the internet.
The Trojan horse was named as iesys.exe.

The criminal must did the crime for pleasure.
Some other emails were sent that said:
"I put the source code of the iesys.exe in a USB strage and buried it in on the top of the Kumotori mountain".
"I put copied the USB strage and put it in the collar of the wild cat who lives in the Enoshima island".

The police found the USB strages at the Kumotori mountain and the Enoshima island (it was in the collor with the cat).

In February of 2013, the police had arrested another guy.
The police stated that the guy created the Trojan horse.

The procecutors suspected him, but they could not found the conclusive evidence.

The procecutors had impond him more than one year.

In the March of 2014, the supreme court had accepted that the guy can be bailed out.
He was released on 10,000,000 JPY (about 100,000 USD) bond.
His mother deposited it.

The procecutor thought the guy was doubtful because he went to the Kumatori mountain and the Enoshima island.
The guy said that his hobby was riding a motorcycle and he just went to the places for fun.
The guy also said that "the real culprit can obtain the information from my (the guy's) PC, so he (the real culprit) could find the travel plan in it. The real culprit knew that I went to the places, so the real culprit put the USB strage there to fling me."

The source code (the text file that is the source of the program) of iesys.exe was written in C# (C-Sharp) programming language.
The guy (suspect) and his colleague stated that he cannot write the program with C#.

I don't know whether the guy is guilty or not guilty, but I do know the Japanese police and justiciary are wrong.
If you cannot find the conlusive evidence, then you must free the suspect even if you thought he is doubtful.
This is the very fundamental principle of the modern law.
They should learn it.
I really want to know who had been the real culprit, but I want the justiciary should jail some people if and only if the colclusive evidence is found.
The torture is bad.