At October the 22nd of 2013, Tamori stated that his TV show series "Waratte Iitomo" (笑っていいとも, I can make a laugh) would be ended at the March, 2014.
"Iitomo" started 1982 and contined in more than 30 years.
In the book of Guiness World of records, Tamori is written as the "the MC of the most long comedy series".
Mr. Tamori is one of the most favorite MC of Japanese comic TV shows.
He is my favorite comedian in Japan, so I would introduce him in this article.

The nickname Tamori is come from his family name Morita (森田).
When he was in university, he attended university Jazz big band.
In the Japanese Jazz world, there is a custom to change the order of syllables of words.
i.e. they say "Shi-su" to describe Sushi (寿司), "Shi-me" to describe Meshi (飯, the rice).
So he was called Tamori from his buddys.

After he dropped out of university, he had been drifted from job to job.
He used to be the sales-man of insurance, the manager of the bar, the manager man of bowling stadium, etc.
But at the same time, he had kept on being enthusiastic Jazz fan.

One night of 1975, when the Yosuke Yamashita Trio, one of the most famous Jazz band in Japan had performed in Fukuoka city.

He had seen the show, and after the show, he sneaked into the hotel, where the band held the party.
Akira Sakata, the saxophone player man got angry and shouted at him with the fake Chinese.
But Tamori shouted back with the "better" fake Chinese.
(I don't know what is the "good" fake Chinese is.)
So Tamori and the band became friends.

The Yamashita band and the sub culture celebrities of the time took him from Fukuoka to Tokyo.
And then Tamori started his life as comedian.
He was 30 years old then.
And now, he is one of the most famous man in Japanese show business.

One of my favorite episode of him is as below.
When he was in a Jazz club near the U.S.Army camp near Tokyo, a drunk military man picked a fight with him, saying "Hey you Jap, remember Pearl harbour."
Tamori said to the military man: "Oh, you remember Pearl harbour. I remember Cliford."

"I remember Cliford" is a beautiful Jazz tune dedicated to the talented trumpeter, Cliford Brown.
Hearing the word, the military man came back to himself, and said "Sorry" to Tamori.

Trumpet in b german