For many years, I suffer the sickness named SAS.
SAS is the acronym of Sleep Apnea Syndrome.
You may just call it Sleep Apnea.

Usually, even if you are asleep, some of your nerve / brain are awake and move your lung to breathe.
So you can take Oxygen to make you alive.
But if you suffer SAS, for some reason,  your breath stops while you are asleep.
So you would feel laboring.
So you would be awoken.
(You would be awoken for very short time, so you can hardly notice it.)
Then you could take a breath again, so you can survive.
But you cannot take a deep sleep for a night.

Then in the next day, you feel very sleepy even in a day.
Even if you are driving the car, you feel so strong sleepiness.
It's quite dangerous.

And if you suffer this disease for the long time, you feel chronic fatigue.

It is hard to detect whether you suffered SAS or not by yourself.
You can hardly find you were awake for the short time in the night.
And there are many other diseases that causes chronic fatigue and sleepiness.

If you sleep with your helpmate, s/he would find it.
Because if you suffer SAS, you make noisy snore.
SAS patients' snore is characteristic.
It stops.
This is because the breath stop.

I don't have the helpmate to sleep with, then I could not realise that I suffered SAS.
I misunderstood that I suffered depression, and I went to the mental hospital.
Then doctor prescribed the anti-depression medicine.
It didn't fit me (because I didn't suffer the depression) and my sickness became worse and worse.

Then I found a SAS doctor.

They offered me a hospital stay for the examination.
While I am sleeping, they record my brain wave and measure how deep I could sleep.
I agreed.

The hospital stay was quite so much expencive.
It was about more than $300.
I was depressed for losing so much money.

Then the doctor said that I have a severe SAS and I should start caring with CPAP.

CPAP is the machine to cure SAS.
You put a mask with the tube, and tube is connected with CPAP.
CPAP would then send the air to you, so you would breathe by compuldion.

The doctor said the machine is quite expensive we would lend you.
The fee is $50 for a month.
I asked them "But how long I should rent it?"
The doctor said "I don't know. Someday you would be cured. But if you were unlucky, you would have to use it forever."

The CPAP is the tool to help you breathe.
It is like eyeglasses.
The eyeglasses HELP you to see the things more clearly, but it WON'T cure your eye problem.
Just the same, CPAP would help you breathe, but it won't cure your SAS.

But then, what did make you SAS?
If you gained so much weight than you have been young, then you would suffer it.
But it's not the only reason.
The slim people got this disease too.
This is the problem that the scientists have not discovered.

I don't like CPAP.
The rubber mask itches, and the sound of the artificial air like Darth Vader makes me tired.

And I don't like to pay $50 every month.

Then I heard that I can import it by an indivisual from States.
The price was about $500.

This seems quite cheap to me, because at that time, I already paid my CPAP hospital for 3 years = 36 month = $1,800!

The only catch was that I had to get the prescription written by the professional doctor to order the shop in the States.
My CPAP doctor refused to write it.
(I think it was because they didn't want to lose the goose that lays the golden egg!)
So I asked another doctor who saw me when I got sick to write the prescription for me.

I don't know whether it is good or bad, but anyway, I got my own CPAP.
I think it works, because I don't feel unusual sleepiness for these days.

This is my SAS and CPAP history.
Do you feel unusual sleepiness in a day?
If in the case, I recommend you to go to SAS doctor.