If you come to Japan, I hope you would enjoy great Japanese foods.
If you hire a tour coordinaters, they would take you the fancy restaurant serving sushi, tenpura, or sukiyaki.
I think they are great, but they are expencive.

I recommend you Japanese curry rice.
I wrote about it before.

イジハピ! : 【第280回 (Opus 280)】Introducing Japanese Curry Rice

The Indians may say it is something other than curry.
But I hope you would love it.
(I hope the Indians love it too!)

The other great Japanese handy food is ラーメン (Ramen).
I hope I would write about it someday.

Japanese loves fast foods.
Not only poor people, but also the hard working business people love them because they are quite handy.

The most typical Japanese fast food is 牛丼 (gyuudon, the beaf bowl) -- the sukiyaki-like taste (sweet and salty) beef served with rice.
It is nice but I don't like it so much.

I recommend you the most handy food in Japan -- 回転寿司 (kaiten-zushi, the rotating sushi).

Moshi Moshi Sushi by Andyrob in London
It is, so to speak, "The Sushi Factory".

The sushi men make various kinds of sushi one after another, and they put them on the conveyor between the sushi men and the eaters.
The sushi would go round and round, until someone would take it.

If you would go there when the shop is not crowded, the sushi might be dried because it took some time after created.
If in the case, don't take it.
You should ask the shopper to create the new sushi of the kind you like.

But if you don't speak Japanese and don't want to make orders, I recommend you to go there in the rush hour (12PM ~ 1PM, the lunch time or around 7PM, the supper time).
The sushi men would create sushi one after another, and the eaters would take them so quickly, so you can take the fresh ones.

After you eat one dish (two pieces of sushi), you got to leave the dish in front of you.
So the shopper and you can count how many dish you took, and how much you should pay.

In the cheapest store, all the dishes are the same price (about 100 yen or so).

But in the expencive store, there are some kinds of price line.
For example, the cheapest one is 100 yen, the intermediate one is 200 yen or 300 yen, and the most high class one (i.e. 雲丹 uni = sea urchin eggs) might be 500 yen.
Take care!
You and the shoppers can distinguish the price of the eaten sushi by the color of the dish.
So if there are various colours of dishes, you should take care.

The rotating sushi shop is not so fancy restaurant, but it is fun!