For these days in Japan, the news men are saying "We are happy to have the 2020 Olympic and paralympic games in Japan!!!" so loudly.
But I'm opposite.
Let's discuss whether we should have it in Tokyo or not.

In 1964, Japan had the first Olympic games in Tokyo.
Earlier, in 1945, Japan lost in WW2.
The Tokyo was burnt completely and the people in Japan were extremely poor.
So the generation of our father and mother worked very hard to rebuild Tokyo/Japan again.
Their effort was really great.
Tokyo/Japan was rebuilt beautifully.

Then Japan had the first Tokyo Olympic games in 1963.
It was the symbolic event to show the world that Tokyo was rebuilt perfectly.

In addition, Japan government decided to build the great infrastructures in Tokyo.
They built subway, mono-rail train, hotels, and high-way around the Tokyo.
They built the shinkansen train too.

Many people bought televisions to watch the games.
The Japanese economy was really great.
Almost everybody was happy then.

To tell the truth, some people who was born in good-old Tokyo didn't like the event.
They were not happy because many country-side people came to Tokyo seeking the business chances.
In addition, they were not happy because the new infrastructures changed the Tokyo scenery.
The highway narrowed the sky above the pretty towns including Roppongi.

Anyway, 1964 Tokyo Olympic game was the great success.

I think the old people including politicians cannot forget the good memory of 1964.
Now the Japanese economy is weak for long terms, so they were eager to have the Olympic games.

But I don't think it is not so good idea.

We already have subway, mono-rail train, hotels, high-ways, and shin-kan-sen train.
Everybody already have TV set.
(We renewed TV three years ago, because the terrestrial digital broadcasting was started.)
So we don't need it.

We had devastated earthquake in 2011.
The north-east region is not yet rehabilitated perfectly.
There we have the broken building, houses, and roads.
Many businesses were lost and people are poor.
If I was the prime-minister, I used the tax to rehabilitate the suffered area.
I didn't use it for Tokyo.

Tokyo is so rich.
There are many beautiful building and great business.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Olympics Illumination

But in the country side, there are many poor areas.
Japan builds the nuclear power plant in the country side and long long electricty lines, then Tokyo use the electricity,
Mr. Tsunekazu Takeda, the president of JOC stated that "Tokyo is safe because it is 250km far away from Fukushima".
I don't like his speech.
Isn't Fukushima the part of Japan?
Yes, it is!
If I was the prime-minister, I used the tax to clean-up Fukushima land and Ocean.
What do you think?

So I'm against 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.
I think I am a minority in Japan, but I'm not the only one.