★I would have the summer vacation for the next week so I won't update the blog until 2013-08-05. Japan government follows the constitution named "日本国憲法 (Nihon koku kenpou -- The Japan nation's constitution).

After WW2, the GHQ from USA created it and forced the Japanese government to follow it.
They say the aim of it was to take away the power from old Japanese armys and give the human rights to the ordinary people.
It has the three principles.

(1) Japan is ruled by citizens.

(2) Japanese government respect the basic human rights of every people.

(3) Japan surrenders army power to resolve the problem with the other nations.

The other characteristic chapters are mentioning about Tennou (天皇, The Japanese emperor).
The constitution states that Tennou is the Symbol (the Icon) of the people.

USA GHG did not put away Tennou, but the new Japanese constitution stated that Japan was ruled by citizens, neither by the emperor nor the armys.

The constitution is the supreme law and it rules the government.
The government must follow it so the government won't have the infinite power to rule the people.
So as long as the constitution would be kept, the Japanese people would have the power to rule their own nation, and they have the basic human rights, and they won't go to the war.

But for these days, the Japanese majority politic party LDP (自民党, Liberal Democratic Party of Japan) stated that they would change the constitution.

In my understanding, the proposed constitution has the three principles.

(1) Japan is ruled by Tennou.

(2) Japan government respect the basic human rights of every people if they won't be against the public interest.

(3) Japan would have the army to guard itself.

LDP stated that the current constitution was forced to have it by USA so Japan should make their own constitution.

LDP stated that they would start the modification of the constitution with the Article 96.

The article 96 define how you can change the constitution.

Currently, it is:

(1) The 2/3 of assemblypeople of congress must agree it.

(2) The 2/3 of people in the nation must agree it.

LDP proposed to change it as:

(1) The 1/2 of assemblypeople of congresspeople must agree it.

(2) The 2/3 of people in the nation must agree it.

So LDP are saying "Let's make the constitution to be easier to be modified".

What do you think?

My opinion is as follows:

(1) The current Japanese constitution is the good one. I like it.

(2) I don't care who wrote the constitution. Even if USA GHQ wrote it, I don't care if it is the good one.

(3) The constitution should rule the government because Japan is democratic nation. But LDP proposal would give the government the infinite power. I don't think it is right.

(4) To change the Article 96 is the bad way. If you want to change the constitution, you should gather the much people to follow you.

But I don't know the majority of Japanese people are for or against my opinion.
We had the election of the House of Councilors (参議院, sangiin) and JDP won it with quite good score.
I think we should watch what the congresspeople would do carefully.

Nihon Kenpo03