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Today, I introduce about one of the most famous Japanese coolery.
It's Curry Rice.
Curry Rice is described カレーライス in Japanese Katakana.
The accurate pronunciation is KAREE RAISU.

Many people (including Japanese) believes that this is Indian food.
In India, of cource, there is curry.
But it is much different from Japanese one.
The most significand difference is that Japanese one is served with rice while Indian one is served Nan (Indian bread).
Japanese curry is hot, but Indian one is hotter.
Japanese one is more thick than Indian one.
It is like stew.

The shop serves it on a dish with a spoon.
Then you take rice and curry at the same time.
This is most easy food to eat.
You can take it while you are reading a book.
(Of cource, it is a bad manner!)

In Tokyo, there is a town named Jimbocho (the town is next to Akihabara.)
Jimbocho is famous of the town of books.
Many book stores (both for new books and old second-hand books) are there.
And to be interesting, there are many curry shops there too.

Some people says, that is because the book buyers like curry because they can have it while reading the books as soon as possible.

Most Japanese mothers / fathers can cook curry well.
How to cook (easy version):
* fry meat (beaf, poak, chicken etc.) with cut onion
* fry vegetables (carot, potato etc.) as well
* put the fried materials in soup and boil
* put the solid curry paste in soup

Or you can try ready-made curry.
All you have to do it make the bag of curry hot in the boiled water, serve rice, open the bag, and then put the curry over the rice.

Very handy.

But I recommend you to try some curry shops in Japan if you have a chance.
Because the taste differs from shop to shop.
My favorite curry shop "Etiopia" is in Jimbochou.
I hope you like it.

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